Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'll Take Two: 1988 Mercury Sable LS

Quick, no looking: does Mercury still exist? Not easy, is it? For years Mercury was great because you always knew that if what Ford was selling wasn't goofy-looking enough for you, you could just go into the showroom across the street and Mercury'd have something even weirder. Here's your chance to take home one of the most confounding designs of the '80s for a mere fifty bucks.

"This appears to be a non-garaged automobile, however, if it were the vehicle's choice, it's owner would have garaged it." Ummm...

Click on the pic to check out the auction.


Anonymous alan said...

god. my grandparents had one of those absurdities. as a child, i was struck with incredible anxiety every time i saw it because it had no grill in front (just that curious panel of lights) and i thought it would overheat and explode.

and on a completely unrelated tangent - everyone missed you at the amoeba instore today! jd put on a good little show as always, but i felt a tinge of sadness as he jokingly introduced himself as 'hey we're the mtn goats'

1:26 AM  

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