Saturday, December 02, 2006

Road Test: 2006 Saturn Vue

Two days, 700 miles. What a fucking shitcan. I've played videogames that had better steering feel. Throttle response brought to mind the proverbial phone call to the engine room. Its dangerously tippy, leaning, lurching handling and sketchy torquesteer was only made worse by traction control that cut in and out with flaky arbitrariness. The high sills and low seat made for a bafflingly bunker-like driving experience — isn't the whole point of an SUV so that you can sit up high in traffic and block everyone else's view? Did I mention it leaked? It leaked. Fifteen thousand miles on the clock and there's water dripping onto my knee.

This car actually made me angry with its shittiness. Seriously, if I was dating someone and found out they drove a Saturn Vue I would break it off immediately. If I found out my neighbor was a Saturn engineer I would make my dog shit in his yard. And I don't even have a dog. I'd get a dog.


Anonymous mjrc said...

too funny. glad you're back and postin'.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Tsahkratis said...

I'm so tickled that you enjoyed the Grand Caravan. We're mighty pleased with ours, not only for the high-speed prowess, but also the stow-and-go seats. Too cool

Love and toodles,

1:02 AM  

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