Saturday, November 10, 2007

I ♥ the 80s: 1982 Dodge Mirada

If Chrysler's new owners (whoever they are ... does anyone know?) were really savvy, they'd resurrect the Dodge Mirada nameplate. Tap into America's collective memory. Leverage that heritage.

Click on the pic to check out the ad


Anonymous L Cruser said...

Thats my car thank you for posing this. last time I saw this pic was when we bought it on ebay! Thank you! It is a very nice car. Thats my baby I cant belive it!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous L Cruser said...

Ya forgot to mention that that is a 1982 dodge Mirada with the CMX package. basically is a fake convertible. It has a 318 and lean burn older style computer. auto trans. I got mix match hub caps original speedo Km because they we manufactured in Canada. Then I bought sales brochure, and original shop manual for it. got it a set of seat cover cause the interior was falling and coming loose. Got a cloth dash cover for it. Right now I'm in a epic battle with 2 sets of wasps to fix it up. There winning. I have to swap it over to pre computer cause my lean burn fried on it. $15 distributor or a $240 lean burn?

8:31 PM  

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