Saturday, March 01, 2008

Scene Report: Eugene, Oregon

V-12 E-Type Jag outside local NPR affiliate, two a.m.

Eighties 7-series. Something quaint now about top-of-the-line German luxury sedans from this era, at least to me; now they all seem like Imperial Battlecruisers or something, almighty techno-behemoths, but then there was something still human about them at least. I have a hard time imagining a current S-class seeming like that, even twenty years from now.

Alfasud? Fiat? What is this? Parking garage, two a.m.

Next day, another late XK-E, this one a convertible. The bumpers and bulbous headlights are unfortunate, but they're less awful in real life, and some of the detailing around those fugly headlight bezels is even kind of elegant. Love the redline tires.


Anonymous Chris Hafner said...

Wait, are we the same person?

I just found your blog and am stunned to find we have exactly the same taste in cars.

AMC Eagle? Audi Coupe Quattro? Lancia Beta? Vista Cruiser?

Yes, please.

Here's mine:

1:43 PM  

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