Monday, July 03, 2006

I &hearts the 80s: 1984 Bitter SC

Neither Ferrari nor Maserati, as the starry-eyed seller would have us believe, but a rebodied and slightly hot-rodded Opel Senator. He's right about one thing, however: these are exceedingly rare cars, and in fact the 460 number the seller quotes represents the full production run from 1981 to '86, not just the '84 model year.

The SC always struck me as a less-than-entirely-successful Ferrari 400 knock-off, but I kinda liked 'em all the same. Something about the design and international construction telegraphed sleek, efficient, border-hopping Euro-sophistication to me, back when I was young and still believed in such things. It seemed like the kind of car the dudes from Heaven 17 would drive.

Click on the pic to check out the auction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bitter, so fitting a name for a car with such a fate. Body parts made from recycled steel? Cool story...

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Alan said...

Heaven 17 indeed
with "Crushed By The Wheels of Industry"
streaming from the cassette.

My Dad owned a 73 Manta Rallye
a 72 Opel Gt and a host of oddball automobiles including 2 Sterlings a 90 Q45
a 61 Dodge Pioneer Wagon &
a 57 Sunbeam Rapier.
At the time of purchase (araound 62) he coulda bought a 57 Sunbeam or a 57 T-bird for the same price.
He went with the Rapier.
That is why we still have a
64.5 Mustang Convt he bought new.

My hats off to your blog

keep up the good work

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the post on the Bitter SC. Not all were made with recycled steel. My two cars have very little rust indeed and I love them very much. Funny, but I also liked Heaven 17 too.

The Bitter is a great car, very dependable and undeserving of it's fate inhistory at this point. The Iso Griffith (sp?) had a similar past with nevery little appreciation until they were 35 years of age or so. I hope the Bitter comes into it's own in the next 20 years or so. They are truely wonderful cars and Erich was a visionary to build them.

11:01 PM  

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