Sunday, May 20, 2007

Impersonal Luxury: 1989 Volvo 780 Bertone Turbo Coupe

Successor to the defiantly weird chop-top Bertone coupe of the late '70s, I distinctly remember my friend Marty once likening this car's real-life presence to that of a Ferrari 400. Maybe I'm missing something. Still, a handsome car if you can get past the weird interior, and at 100,000 miles a Volvo is just hitting puberty. Not bad for three grand.

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Blogger Alan said...

yes! love this car to bits and pieces. although, i've always been confused about why volvo ever tried to go upmarket with a sort of personal/touring coupe. like the 262c before it, it was very (very) expensive in its day and ultimately too soft. the modest engine was never enough to push it into 6-series territory (which volvo seemed to go after with the 780). i spoke with an owner about why a 780 (on the day someone backed into it, unfortunately); his response was that they were practically giving them away beacuse of the lack of demand.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Davis Chino said...

OK, I do read these posts, you f*cker.

I don't know that this was any faster than Tina, (and if it wasn't, then that's weak on Volvo's part), but there is indeed a performance component to the appeal of a Volvo. After all the fast drivin' we did in that 240 Turbo, it hurts to hear that tone in yr post. And hey, this is the closest thing to a Ferrari 400 that Bertone ever designed...


11:54 PM  

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