Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fishy: 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel Pickup

As has been established on these pages, there seems to be no little enthusiasm for old diesel Rabbits at present in this country, and even more for the diesel Rabbit's unibody pickup variant, so when this newly listed craigslist ad, showing a seemingly immaculate example and asking less than three grand, caught my eye I was ready to head on down to the bank for a cashier's check with the sole intention of immediately flipping it.

Curious though, I thought, looking closer, that the ad listed no location (usually a tip-off that something's less than kosher in craigslistland). Still more curious was what I found over on ebaymotors when, just to see what kinda windfall I could be expecting, I searched on completed auctions for Volkswagen Rabbits: a listing for the same truck, with the same photos, clearly written by the same person, ending five days ago with a winning bid of over eight thousand dollars.


Somebody wanna email the guy and find out what the deal is?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive seen it pop up in 3 different cities over the last week, none of which would even come close to sharing a "my local VW mechanic". He doesn't respond to e-mails, and the last couple ads have been getting bigger and bigger letters for "I DON'T ACCEPT TRADES!!!"

I don't know what the point of a scam is if you don't reply to e-mails and take peoples money...but clearly it is one of some sort. I've been flagging, and clearly others are too, as it doesn't seem to last more than a day on any listing.

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