Friday, January 09, 2009

I Liked It So Much, I Bought the Company

Saab is for sale on ebay. No, not a Saab, although there are plenty of those, but Saab, as in, the company. Although if you scroll down a bit the fine print reveals seller is just offering his "consulting services" to General Motors for a day. Mhm.

It raises a fair question though. I can't really imagine spending ten grand on a Saab, not with the SPGs I'm looking at going for between two and three, but the whole company? Is ten grand worth the headache of inheriting a hopelessly irrelevant product line and the responsibility of rescuing this proud brand from extinction? How hard would it be to retool all the factories and just start building 99s again?

Click on the Saab logo to check out the auction


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