Friday, March 20, 2009

Not a Misprint: Jag, Buick Tops in Dependability

So says JD Powers & Associates. Which means those eighty-thousand-dollar Jaguars you'll be able to pick up for ten grand ten years from now (or sooner, the way things are going) might actually be decent cars. Less shocking but still plenty weird is Buick, a marque that exists at this point seemingly only because of its brand equity among the Chinese. I had to go and look at the Buick web site to remind myself what they even sell these days. Three cars. Or rather, two cars and an SUV. There's something called a Lacrosse, which looks like this:

Slightly fancier but otherwise indistinguishable is the Lucerne:

And then there's the range-topping Enclave:

Finally, the site trumpets the arrival, forthcoming, of the 2010 Lacrosse, which looks kinda like the Enclave but with a Z4 parked in front of it. (Am I right?)

Using these images as a self-administered Rorschach test produced the following words: dentist, golf, NPR membership drive, and Antiques Roadshow. Also Pep Boys. (Must be those sweet fender vents.) I guess it's good that they're dependable. I can't for the life of me imagine another reason that anyone would buy one of these.


Blogger JESS!CA said...

using those words as a self-administered Rorschach produces the results: my dad. but with hondas.

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