Saturday, May 09, 2009

Coolest Car Ever in the World, 22,500 Miles, $12,500

How is this shit even possible? People are still paying six figures for dumb old muscle cars and you can buy one of these for the price of a used Kia? Not only would I argue that this is the coolest car ever, it might actually represent the purest and most extreme form of anachronism extant in the world. Think about it: what other fifty-year-old object seems so bafflingly like something returned from fifty years in the future?

Maybe this is truly the onset of pussed-out middle age talking, but seriously: Testa Rossa? GT40? XJR-5? Aston Martin Lagonda? As of this moment I take this over all of them.

(Okay, maybe not the Lagonda.)

Click here to check out the auction


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, mon dieu! i could probably trade a kidney for a ds, no?

5:33 PM  

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