Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evidence That God Is Listening, Or Just GM?

Yesterday afternoon, in the automotive corporate transaction equivalent of Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception or Kirk Gibson's walk-off homer, General Motors announced that it had reached an agreement to sell Saab to Spyker. Spyker!

That's cool. What's more than cool, what goes so far beyond cool as to be straight up breathtakingly inspirational, is what has happened in the month since a handful of foolhardy believers braved the elements to convene in the shadow of the Renaissance Center, as on successive weekends people around the world took up the cause in what participants diplomatically termed "support convoys." Thousands—literally thousands—of Saab enthusiasts, in virtually every corner of the globe, turned out with the sole aim of demonstrating to all players involved—sellers, buyers, government backers—that people cared, and that a deal to save Saab was one worth making.

It seems cute, doesn't it? Maybe a little trite? Then you look at the lists of places and numbers and scroll through the photos and you begin to get a sense what was actually happening. And then it just starts to seem kind of incredible.

Echoing a general tone of mocking derision among readers, the last comment posted to Jalopnik's story on the initial Saab rally asked, "I wonder how many Pontiacs would have showed up if they had a chance to save it? My guess, hundreds more." My question for you, dumbass: How many Pontiacs actually did?


Blogger DJ Rick said...

Hundreds more Pontiac owners, really??? I would pay to see just one late-80s/early-90s Pontiac LeMans driver make it to that hypothetical rally. That would be worth my comedy dollar if he was still delusional enough to be beaming with brand pride. Hadn't it been almost 30 years since a Pontiac gave anyone any rightful sense of pride?

2:02 PM  
Blogger diskothiq said...

Well, in fairness, the GTO was a badass sleeper even if it was just a warmed-over Holden Monaro—ditto the G8—and even the Solstice was at least a handsome if not entirely credible Miata-fighter. But yeah. What was the world's reaction to Pontiac's demise other than a great collective yawn?

2:27 PM  

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