Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Street Beat Fashion Watch: Custom Shades!

Once upon a time, back before those plastic stick-on fender vents were invented, first thing anybody'd do if he was looking to trick out his ride would be to add some kinda custom windshield header, a practice that to my young mind reached its apotheosis when it was coopted by Pontiac for its Turbo Trans Am pace cars of 1980. Welp, if a couple of vehicles sighted over the weekend are any indication, this is one outdated trend that's poised to make a comeback!

This van seems to be suffering an identity crisis, but hey, at least it looks good. And while I'm not sure what precisely is being referenced here, if this Kia pilot's commitment extends to not being on the phone when I encounter him on the interstate, well then, more power to him!

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Blogger DJ Rick said...

Those plastic stick-on fender vents are all over the place! I've lately been wishing someone would start a photo-blog of the most egregious applications of those things, such as a boaty 80s Buick LeSabre I saw riding low on garish gold Daytons which had at least 10 pair of those things on its front quarters. It was apparent that they weren't congruent.

8:11 PM  

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