Monday, March 23, 2009

Activities for the Developmentally Disabled

Like a lot of slacker artist types, I spent a good portion of my twenties substitute teaching. Mostly high school, in my case. Sometimes I'd get sent to do special ed, which I loved, as these were kids who actually had a legitimate excuse for acting retarded. One of their favorite activities was vocational training. Each kid would get ten nuts, ten bolts, and a laminated sheet of paper with ten circles drawn on it. They would eagerly set to work screwing the nuts on the bolts and placing each completed assembly on a circle. Upon finishing a set, a child would raise his or her hand in triumph, and I would come around, collect the results, pat 'em on the back and say "great job!" and parcel out ten more nuts and bolts. Then I'd go back to my desk, unscrew the nuts and bolts, and put them back in their respective bags.

Friends, may I present the Ford EXP Interactive Coloring Book.


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