Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rescue Saab Update: €4 Million in Pledges!

Latest dubiously punctuated dispatch from these guys:
Dear Rescue Saab-Community,

In our last newsletter, we asked "How much is Saab worth to you?". Until now, 3.200 "Rescuers" participated in the survey. Currently, we have a sum of 4 Million Euro. Like we said, all of your answers are of course non-binding. We are waiting a few more days.

My personal commitment is limited to the eight hundred dollars I just spent replacing a bad wheel bearing and a couple worn out rotors on the SPG. (Saving Saab, one Saab at a time.) I fucking love this so much though: "We are waiting a few more days." For what, exactly? And, "all your answers are of course non-binding." You mean you haven't yet collected the four million euros? People haven't sent in their checks? Ah, well. Maybe wait a few more days.


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