Monday, May 25, 2009

Revisionist History: The DaimlerChrysler That Could've Been

Remember when Chrysler and Mercedes merged in the early '90s and they plastered a Spirit grill across the front of a W124 to make the Dodge 300E? These guys do!

Click on the pic for a closer look!


Blogger DJ Rick said...

This photo merits a deep roffle! The Dodge Spirit brings back some memories of a particularly laughable era for the Chrysler Corp. Which brings my mind to the Plymouth Acclaim. I kinda wanna scour the annals to see if anyone ever did heap any modicum of acclaim on the Acclaim. My hypothesis is that the average Suzuki Esteem driver derives just as much esteem from their car as the Acclaim achieved in accolades. (On a side note, today's captcha is "devoid". Perhaps quite fitting.)

3:40 PM  

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