Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What Would Dov Charney Drive?

Seriously, what else would he drive? I wonder if whichever moustachioed would-be Guccione who picked this shot for American Apparel's in-store signage—Dov himself?—had any idea how perfectly, and I mean perfectly, appropriate his choice of this Mondial would be. By all accounts quite pleasant drivers, but I don't care: for me this will never not be the douchiest Ferrari of all time ever.

Click on the pic for a better look at the sock equivalent of Michelin TRXs


Blogger Davis Chino said...

I don't know this Dov guy, but I worked with a producer (vid-game) who owned a Mondial. He sold it so he could buy (grab hold o' yr Recaro) a Cizeta.

Do you remember this supercar from the 90's? The V16 Cizeta? Originally the V16 Cizeta-Moroder, as in Giorgio Moroder?

And just when I thought the story couldn't get any better, I read this on the Wiki:

"The V16T is illegal to drive or to even own in the United States. One was seized by United Sates Immigration and Customs Enforcement on December 7, 2009."

With only 8 built, you don't think that could be my old "pal's" car, do you?

One can hope.

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Blogger Davis Chino said...

BTW, I agree completely with you about the designer's choice of car here--esp'ly the photograph, which is so incredibly period-perfect.

Now, if this were a higher-class boutique, like an actual Gucci outlet, I could easily see this image replaced by the poster of the rim-lit 308 and the rim-lit naked lady...."That's class, mate!"

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