Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Say You're Sophocles: 1983 Plymouth Scamp

Let's say you're Sophocles, and you write some plays. Your plays are good enough that 2,500 years later they're still being read and performed. Or maybe you're Bach, and you compose some music. Your music is good enough that even after 250 years people still haven't gotten tired of it. That's staying power. But let's face it: these are tiny spans of time from the perspective of cosmological history, and there's little to suggest that a billion years from now, or even a million, anyone will remember these so-called immortals. Viewed through a long enough lens, even the accomplishments of a Sophocles, a Bach, a da Vinci, the ancients who built the pyramids or the soldiers who raised the Great Wall collapse to a significance that is indistiguishable from those of the men and women who contributed a few months of their careers to the creation of the Plymouth Scamp. Remember this.

Click on the pic and despair


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Time for your medication, Mr. Sagan.

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