Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jacked Up: 199X Ford Probe

No comment, except that I always thought this was one of the more elegant and underrated designs of the nineties.

Jacked-up Probe stalker

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's Swedish for Deus Ex Machina?

Honestly? I was fine with Saab going the way of all things. Because the Saab of the last fifteen years was an embarrassment, plain and simple. And it made it so I couldn't even go on Saab boards because they were full of people who seemed not to notice and to point it out is just being a dick.

It's like the music genre fan. The guy who just likes Brit-pop or whatever. Never mind that eighty-five percent of Brit-pop is garbage, just like eighty-five percent of anything is garbage. That's what he's into, and his enthusiasm doesn't discriminate. Pulp? Awesome. Ned's Atomic Dustbin? Equally awesome. People who drive GM Saabs and hang out on Saab boards are essentially Brit-pop Guy, completely oblivious to how much their cars suuuuuuck. I know they suck because I owned one and it was a turd. There was nothing Saab about it. It drove like a Buick. Because it was a Buick.

Better just to put this thing out of its misery than carry on as a purveyor of badge-engineered Chevy Tahoes, was my thinking. And then the great GM implosion, and the concomitant sell-off, and who knows, maybe somebody buys it up and restores Saab to some degree of respectable autonomy. Some group of investors, or the Swedish government or something. Measured optimism. And then this.

Freaking Koenigsegg??? Are you kidding me? Radically engineered, environmentally aware, uncompromisingly Swedish Koenigsegg? (Yeah, so it was founded by a Norwegian. Whatever.) How brilliant and awesome is this? How much more insanely cool than any outcome anyone could possibly have imagined? And how perfect? Sit a Koenigsegg next to a Veyron in your mind's eye and how obvious does it become that this is nothing less than the Saab of supercars?

Things go this astonishingly right in the world seldom enough that when they do we kinda have a moral obligation to sit up and recognize. A toast then to the marriage of Saab and Koenigsegg. May their union be long and happy, and may it bear many beautiful children!