Friday, March 19, 2010

Pimping Eichmann's Ride: A Better Idea

So yesterday I suggested that the Mercedes 540K that once belonged to Adolf Eichmann might be more deserving of the crusher than an award on some golf course lawn somewhere.

I've had a change of heart, though. It's occurred to me that there exists a better solution, one that would appease the automotive collector scum world and the ethically bequalmed alike. I'm keeping the Mercedes, only—for what gives the concours crowd a bigger boner than a custom-coachbuilt one-off?—I'm commissioning a rebody. Think James Glickenhaus with a moral imperative.

Who then to reimagine this iconic Mercedes in a way that pays solemn tribute to its checkered history? Pininfarina, Bertone, Ital Design? The dude who drew that goofy Mantide car?

No, no—I'm aiming higher. I'm thinking serious design-world cachet. Somebody with both celebrity star-power and a hard-earned reputation for giving physical form to humanity's darkest and most hideous impulses. Chris Bangle? You're getting warmer, but not quite. The reveal after the jump!

Daniel Libeskind! He's already shopped up an initial concept for me. See you at Pebble Beach!


Blogger Davis Chino said...

That is hilarious. I am all for it!

Did you do the "rebody" yrself?

My word is "stostr"

5:46 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Needs razor-wire

10:05 AM  

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